Neema Tavakoli

Mr. Tavakoli wanted to be a lawyer most of his life because he enjoyed helping people and wanted to make a difference. He feels like he was always meant to be a lawyer. After graduating from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law, Mr. Tavakoli began practicing law in 2019. Tavakoli's prior experience includes serving as a litigation paralegal for nearly 15 years for some of the top law firms in Los Angeles. Neema is a tireless advocate for his clients and brings his strong work ethic, persistence, and dedication to the craft on every case he works on. Settling for second best is never an option. 

He loves his current position at Drake Law. He likes all of the people he works with and enjoys the type of work he’s doing as well. The key for him is to always have empathy for the plaintiffs position. He describes his approach as meticulous. You can never guarantee an outcome, but if you plan and prepare enough it makes it easier to assume what it will be. He believes that he shouldn’t look at his clients as just file numbers, but to remember that they are human beings that are going through things and to treat them as such. He loves helping people and feels blessed to have a job that allows him to do that everyday.

Mr. Tavakoli presently lives in the greater Los Angeles area with his wife and baby daughter. Besides spending time with his family, Mr. Tavakoli is an avid baseball fan and golfer. He is fluent in both English and Farsi.

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