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Dogs bite approximately 5 million people a year in the U.S. Almost half of those injured are children, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims. Approximately 800,000 Americans annually seek medical attention for injuries from dog attacks, and 386,000 need emergency room treatment. Around 16 individuals die annually after being attacked by a dog. The CDC's numbers do not consider the psychological trauma of experiencing an animal attack.

It is a simple fact of life that dogs bite. This includes any dog of any breed. A dog bite can be anything from a nip to a traumatic attack that leaves a severe injury. A severe injury sustained in a dog attack is cause to hold the dog's owner accountable, and for the dog attack victim to seek compensation for all medical costs, pain and suffering and other damage resulted in by the bite.

If you have suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in an animal attack that took place in the Topanga area or anywhere else in California, the personal injury attorneys at Drake Law Firm, want to help you.

Lesiones graves por ataques de perros

A serious bite is not a playful nip or even a small injury that bruises an individual who came into contact with a dog at the wrong time. A serious dog attack is one that consists of biting and scratching that causes considerable traumatic injury, such as deep cuts, tearing, fractures or more. A serious attack by a dog can additionally cause considerable emotional and psychological injury.

According to dog bite statistics from the CDC, around 885,000 dog bite victims every year-- or 20 percent of all of those that are attacked by dogs-- require medical attention for their injuries.

Las víctimas más comunes son:

  • Children ages 5-9
  • Personas mayores
  • Carteros de correo

Los perros suelen morder el brazo, la mano, la pierna, el pie, la cabeza o el cuello de una persona, según los CDC. Las lesiones más comunes en los ataques de perros son:

  • Cortes, contusiones y arañazos
  • Heridas por punción
  • Desgarro (avulsión)
  • Dislocaciones
  • Fracturas
  • Amputaciones
  • Aplastamiento (lesiones en la cabeza/el cráneo), a nonprofit, public education website regarding dangerous dog breeds, reports that severe dog attacks can cause severe injuries that can require $250,000 to $1 million in specialized medical care.

The CDC states that roughly 27,000 dog bite victims every year undergo reconstructive surgery. This may include skin grafting, tissue expansion and scar diminishment. A victim might need multiple procedures over many years.

Indemnización tras el ataque de un perro

Las víctimas de mordeduras de perro pueden solicitar una indemnización para cubrir sus:

  • Gastos médicos pasados y futuros
  • Pérdida de ingresos y disminución de la capacidad de ganancia
  • Dolor y sufrimiento
  • Angustia psicológica
  • Otras pérdidas relacionadas

Se puede reclamar contra el propietario del perro y, posiblemente, contra un tercero si la negligencia de éste causó la lesión.

Individuals that have been seriously wounded by an attacking dog deserve compensation and should not be reluctant to seek it via civil legal action and contact a dog bite lawyer-- it will not come out of a friend or neighbor's pocket. The compensation recouped in a dog bite case almost always comes from the dog owner's insurance, such as homeowners' insurance or business liability insurance.

The Insurance Information Institute and State Farm Insurance report that dog bites accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners' insurance liability claim dollars paid in 2013 and led to more than $483 million in compensation for victims. The average settlement for dog bite cases was $27,862.

An experienced lawyer can investigate your dog attack case to determine whether the dog's owner is responsible and determine the settlement you may be due for your injuries.

Several cases can be settled through negotiations with the dog owner's insurance company. If a proper settlement agreement can not be reached, we would be ready to pursue suitable compensation for you in court.

Actuar tras un ataque

You can act to help yourself, a loved one or a friend who has been injured by a dog bite. Here are some steps you should attempt to follow:

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Any kind of dog bite should be seen by a physician.
  • Immediately report the incident to the police and secure a copy of the police accident report.
  • Obtenga el nombre y la información de contacto del propietario del perro, si es posible.
  • Get the name and contact information of any people who observed the attack.
  • Fotografíe al animal que le causó las lesiones junto con el lugar del incidente.
  • Fotografíe cualquier lesión visible que haya sufrido como resultado del incidente con el animal.
  • Keep any kind of clothing that might have been damaged by the animal.
  • Conserve y, si es posible, fotografíe cualquier tipo de propiedad dañada por el animal.
  • Do not communicate with the owner of the dog or the owner's insurance company. If you accept any form of reimbursement, you may waive your right to sue for additional damages.

Contact Our Dog Attack Lawyers

If you or a loved one has sustained a dog bite injury or other animal attack that resulted in serious injury or scarring, you have rights that deserve to be protected. Get in touch with a Topanga dog bite lawyer at Drake Law Firm, right away and arrange a complimentary consultation.

We will offer a team of legal professionals, medical experts and investigators that are committed to your case. We can help you make informed decisions about your legal options. Our dog bite attorneys will strive to make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

At Drake Law Firm, we've assisted numerous personal injury clients to get the compensation they require to recover. We won't let you accept unfair treatment from other law firms and we will defend you from beginning to end. If you need help with Animal Attacks in Topanga, California, give us a call at (844) 513-7253 for a FREE consultation or visit our website at to get started on your case today! 

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