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The construction profession is inherently among the most hazardous professions in Panorama City. Every year there are thousands of worker injuries and fatalities in California because of construction site accidents. Construction injuries can be some of the most excruciating and severe. Further, with a long path to recovery, you and your family may require significant compensation from those responsible. There may be a loss of income, medical costs, pain and suffering, and more. If you or a loved one suffer injury in a construction accident in California, get in touch with the Panorama City Construction Accident Attorneys at Drake Law Firm for a complimentary case assessment.

¿Cuáles son los cuatro accidentes mortales de la construcción?

Out of 4,674 employee deaths that happened across the country in 2017, approximately 1,000 of them (or roughly 20%) happened in the construction industry. To put it another way, 1 in 5 work-related deaths annually take place on a construction site. These are scary statistics and they indicate a serious problem when it pertains to construction accident injuries and death.

Las principales causas de muerte de trabajadores en el sector de la construcción son:

  • resbalones y caídas
  • golpeado por un objeto
  • electrocución
  • atrapado en el medio

These common causes of construction accidents and injuries are referred to as the Fatal Four. These causes are responsible for virtually 60% of worker fatalities in the construction industry.

Additionally, while not on the list of four, work zone highway accidents are also quite common. There are many safety campaigns to address this recurring issue. Along with criminal penalties, when a driver hits a worker, there will typically be a civil case also.

¿Los accidentes de la construcción causan a menudo lesiones graves?

In some circumstances, the true effects of an accident may take some time to reveal themselves. Some injuries become progressively worse as days and even weeks pass. What might appear minor while on the job might in fact be a major, potentially life-long injury. Occasionally adrenaline masks injuries or they simply take time to develop.

In other instances, a routine injury might be aggravated or worsen throughout the course of treatment. For example, an infection developing during or after surgery, or a greater muscle tear occurring during rehabilitation. Injured workers are protected in these events by the laws of California but they are required to actively seek relief from their injuries. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer early can help protect your legal rights and allow you to recoup your damages.

That being said, construction accidents can result in severe or devastating injuries, such as:

  • Fracturas que requieren cirugía
  • Lesiones cerebrales traumáticas (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries that result in a worker to become a paraplegic or quadriplegic
  • Electrocución
  • Quemaduras
  • Lesiones oculares que provocan una discapacidad visual a largo plazo o ceguera
  • Muerte

Our construction accident attorneys in Panorama City are here to help you get compensation and we provide our services at no cost unless we win.

What Are The Top 10 Most Frequent Safety Violations at Construction Sites?

The following is a list of the most common health and safety infractions on construction sites. These infractions can cause accidents and injuries that put employees' health and lives in danger. Often these infractions are discovered after an examination of the worksite by OSHA.

OSHA publishes this kind of information to help prevent injuries, illnesses, and deaths on work sites. These incidents are easy to avoid when you adhere to safety regulations.

The 10 most common construction violations are:

  • Failure to use fall protection equipment.
  • Failing to communicate hazard material information.
  • Andamios peligrosos.
  • Falta de protección respiratoria.
  • Suministro de energía peligroso en el lugar.
  • Unsafe ladders.
  • Los vehículos industriales no siguen las directrices.
  • No seguir las normas de protección contra caídas.
  • Ignoring equipment safety standards.
  • Lack of appropriate eye and face protection.

Should You Request a Free Construction Accident Case Consultation?

Under California legislation, an injured worker has the right to file and collect workers compensation benefits for injuries on the job.

Along with workers' compensation benefits, an injured construction worker can also have a third-party negligence claim. The claim could be against a contractor, subcontractor, equipment manufacturer, or other person or business. There can be a third-party claim as long as the at fault party is not the employer or co-worker of the injured or deceased person. Typically, these types of lawsuits involve either general negligence in maintaining safe working conditions, or products liability for negligently maintained or manufactured equipment or vehicles.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of a construction accident, an accident attorney should be consulted as quickly as possible to assess your case and to protect your rights. Your Panorama City construction accident attorney will examine the cause of the accident, the extent of injuries and the liable parties.

If the facts of your construction accident case do not call for a third-party negligence claim, you or your family still have a right to collect workers' compensation benefits.

At Drake Law Firm, we've assisted numerous personal injury clients to get the compensation they require to recover. We won't let you accept unfair treatment from other law firms and we will defend you from beginning to end. If you need help with a Construction Accident in Panorama City, California, give us a call at (844) 513-7253 for a FREE consultation or visit our website at to get started on your case today! 

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