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¿Ha sufrido un accidente de tráfico?

Victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents are the most frequent kind of personal injury claim. These claims are generally based on the theory of negligence. In the majority of California vehicle accidents, the victim, the plaintiff, needs to establish the negligence of the defendant in order to seek damages. Furthermore, the plaintiff has to show that the offender's carelessness was the actual and direct source of both the accident as well as the plaintiff's injuries. Call one of our Sherman Oaks auto accident lawyers to help direct you through this process.

Puede tener derecho a una indemnización

Violations of statutory law are often cited to establish the negligent driver in automobile crashes. If, for example, a driver failed to stop at a stop sign resulting in an accident, that statutory infraction could be enough to establish fault in that accident. Determining fault in an auto accident can be more complicated in some cases, however. If you are a car accident victim, it's important to contact our skilled personal injury attorneys. Our lawyers can help you establish who is at fault for the accident and seek damages where appropriate. Sherman Oaks car accident lawyers at Drake Law Firm handle these issues often, so if you've been injured, please give them a call.

How does the amount of medical expenses arising from my automobile accident injuries impact the value of my case?

The value of an accident victim's claim is determined by a variety of variables, including the total cost of your medical bills. Some injuries require continuous medical treatment, which will be factored into your overall damages.

¿Cómo mide el tribunal los daños en un accidente de tráfico por una lesión cerebral traumática?

Severity of bodily injury is a key determinant of overall damages, both due to resulting medical expenses as well as loss of income and quality of life. All of these influence the award amount when acquiring compensation.

¿Cómo identifica el tribunal al conductor negligente?

  • Accidentes de alta velocidad (exceso de velocidad)
  • Accidentes por conducción temeraria (conducción agresiva)
  • Accidentes por distracción al volante (es decir, accidentes por teléfono móvil)
  • Accidentes relacionados con el alcohol
  • Accidentes de responsabilidad civil por productos defectuosos (defectos del automóvil)
  • Accidentes de tráfico

Where hazardous road conditions cause a motor vehicle accident, can the municipality be held liable?

If dangerous driving conditions are the cause of a motor vehicle accident because of neglect by the party responsible to keep the roads safe, your attorney will collect all available evidence in order to pursue compensation for damages. This includes both property and personal injury damages caused by negligence. Even if you are partially responsible, you may seek reimbursement for the portion of damages caused by the other party, including a municipality.

¿Qué medidas debo tomar en el lugar de mi accidente de tráfico?

  • Llame al 911 inmediatamente.
  • Solicita una ambulancia si estás herido.
  • Si puedes, toma fotografías de los daños materiales y de la tarjeta del seguro y el permiso de conducir del otro conductor.
  • No acepte pagos ni ofrezca ningún tipo de declaración jurada a un proveedor de seguros.
  • Call Drake Law Firm for a complimentary assessment on how to manage getting your property repaired.

Can an accident victim anticipate a reasonable settlement from the insurer if negotiated without an attorney?

An insurer's goal is to find a reason to reject your claim, or settle a case dispute for the least amount of money possible. Before getting compensation from an insurance company, a knowledgeable lawyer with your wellbeing in mind will help you determine appropriate compensation for damages. Photos of the scene taken immediately after the accident has occurred are a crucial part of evidence documenting the damages and how they might have been sustained.

If I get into an auto crash, how do I know if there is a cause of action against the other party?

Property damage or bodily injury that might be an outcome of the actions of another party present a possible cause for action for motor vehicle accident victims. Your lawyer will require as much evidence as possible to determine accountability for the damages you have sustained. Taking pictures of the scene and seeing a medical professional as soon as possible will help start your healing process, as well as determine the cause of action and develop the proof needed for compensation.

What are the damages you can recoup in an automobile accident, traumatic brain injury case?

Past and future medical costs, past and future wage loss, pain and suffering, and loss of a normal life are some of the damages for which a victim may seek compensation. The state of health and financial position of the victim before the accident affects the amount of compensation.

¿Qué indemnización puede recibir una familia cuando la víctima del accidente de tráfico es un ser querido?

There are two causes of actions that can be pursued on behalf of a deceased loved one: wrongful death and survival. The family can recover money under the wrongful death act for the loss of love, affection, and support. This includes loss of wages as well as other types of financial security and assistance.

Your loved one's estate can seek a survival cause of action, and recover damages the victim suffered between the time of injury and the time of their passing.

Why do I need to speak to an attorney immediately after suffering an injury?

Establishing fault in an accident can be complex, particularly if fault lies with more than one party. An experienced lawyer will help you document all evidence of damages, including photos of the accident and future medical bills, and assess loss of income and changes to quality of life. Negotiating the claims with insurers is best done with the professional assistance of lawyers who have been beside you from day one.

The attorneys at Drake Law Firm are extremely experienced in negotiating and litigating personal injury claims. With the help of our attorneys, you are more likely to obtain a reasonable settlement.

At Drake Law Firm, we've assisted numerous personal injury clients to get the compensation they require to recover. We won't let you accept unfair treatment from other law firms and we will defend you from beginning to end. If you need help with Motor Vehicle Accidents in Sherman Oaks, California, give us a call at (844) 513-7253 for a FREE consultation or visit our website at to get started on your case today! 

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